Tobias Cohen

Hi, I'm Tobias, and I'm a web developer in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in Ruby on Rails and Coffeescript

Chess Microbase

Online database for entering, annotating and sharing recorded moves of chess games.

At the foundation of this app is the game editor I created for Tornelo (Coffeescript backed by SeaTurtle), which was added to a new Rails backbone with support for the creation and saving of game databases. Other server side functions include parsing and generating files in PGN format (the standard for chess game databases), categorizing games by opening (starting sequence of moves) and player, and sharing games with a security token to allow read only access to otherwise private databases.

I expanded the game editor to add support for comments, graphical annotations (using CSS and Raphael), arbitrary resizing of board and pieces (delivered using a combination of web fonts on iOS and Mac, and pre-generated sprites for Windows) and N-level variation recording.

The site supports embedding the game viewer on other sites using an iframe, along with an optional "auto fit" mode, which dynamically loads a short Javascript script to measure the space available for the embedded widget before inserting an appropriately sized iframe.

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Rspec, Twitter Bootstrap, Raphael JS, Facebook API, PayPal Express