Tobias Cohen

Hi, I'm Tobias, and I'm a web developer in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in Ruby on Rails and Coffeescript


Tornelo is a fully featured system for managing and running Chess events. It lets you plan tournaments, collect entries and payments online, manage player lists, pair players into rounds, record games, score the tournament, publish results and update player ratings.

This is the largest Rails project I've worked on so far, which I developed from the ground up throughout 2010-2012. It also makes extensive use of Coffeescript, with support for syncing data to the client and doing tournament pairings, collecting results, and recording games while offline, in order to ensure the software is fully usable even on an unstable internet connection. Rich client-side interaction is implemented using the SeaTurtle MVC framework which I constructed for this application.

Some other features that I'm particularly proud of:

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Rspec, Git, CanCan, ActiveMerchant